Offbeat Burgers - Box of 6


Offbeat Burgers - Box of 6

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The Offbeat Burger was one of the original tenants of Mercato Centrale when it first opened back, It was also known as a "Mercato Favorite" also during that time Offbeat Cafe was located in the Collective beside B-side, a well known hang out for artists and free spirits. People would usually get drinks at Bside then come to Offbeat Cafe for the burgers. Come 2016 after we left the collective Offbeat Burgers opened again in one of the first food parks, "Gastro Park" located in Kapitolyo, Pasig after the decline of the food parks. Offbeat Burgers is now available for deliveries!
The Offbeat Burger; A Juicy, Meaty Burger Patty with bacon, a sunny side up egg sandwiched between an original glazed donut.
  • Cut-off of orders daily at 2 pm
  • Next-day delivery
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Return of the OG 🔥
OffBeat Burgers was one of the original tenants of Mercato Centrale (BGC). They opened OffBeat Cafe near B-side and then moved to Kapitolyo. Now they’re back and you can slide into their DMs to get one.

OVER 1000 😱
This is a solid pasimflex for those who know how to count calories and fit burgers like this in their diets. The OffBeat Double is two juicy patties, bacon, fried egg, and cheese, sandwiched in between a glazed donut. Excessive? Yes. Delicious? YES.

Nerdy Stuff 🤓
I have rounded the numbers up so the totals might look weird. For this entry, we go to the USDA FDC database to extract macro equivalents. Their patties are made of a pork-beef blend so just a heads up. As always, swipe for the nerdy details!

Just the Tip 👨‍🏫
I have included a visualization on how to fit this into your diet. Basically, save a few hundred calories daily leading up to burger day (or buffet, or any cheat) so you can comfortably fit this in, and still hit your target.

Busog not busog 🤔
Busog. I thought I wouldn’t be but I was. Tastewise, you think this would be too much, but the sweetness of the bun is balanced by the saltiness of the bacon. I would recommend drinking lemonade along with this to cut the fatty umay (or beer because might as well go all out haha)

Credits to Instagram Account @SukatSquad