AAB Kar's Sunflower Kernels 16oz

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Kar’s Nuts was founded in 1933, in a tiny kitchen in their home across the street from Tiger Stadium in Detroit. Here, Sue Kar roasted and sold peanuts to Tiger fans. The peanuts became so popular that a manufacturing plant was soon built to distribute peanuts to retailers throughout Metro Detroit. The company was sold to the Nicolay family in the 1960’s, and continues today as a family-run business. America’s Favorite trail mix of cocoa candies, salted peanuts, raisins and roasted salted sunflower kernels

Origin: USA

Packaging: 16oz.

A high protein, low carb, kosher, gluten-free snack without hydrogenated oils or trans-fats. The perfect on-the-go snack to leave you satisfyingly full and less likely to overeat.