Dear Customers,
As we're adjusting to the recent MECQ announcement, here are some updates regarding our deliveries:
1. To ensure the quality of deliveries, effective August 2
FRESH, FROZEN, DESSERTS, BULKY ITEMS will be delivered SEPARATELY to your shipping address. If you wish to receive all orders at ONCE,
please message us in advance at
so we can adjust schedules accordingly.

2. DTI Anti-Hoarding Law is still strictly implemented, we will also limit buying of CANNED GOODS, BREAD, WATER, INSTANT NOODLES, TISSUE AND ALCOHOL following the allowed maximum quantity per order per customer.

3. We've received some reports that some rider asks for delivery fees.
DO NOT GIVE THEM CASH. You're welcome to give them a tip if you wish.
Nevertheless the riders are already paid thru the delivery fee that we charge.
Should anyone encounter such concerns,
please report it on our page immediately.
Thank you for your utmost understanding and cooperation! 
#StayHome #StaySafe
-GrocerGenie Team-